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Products – Trees, Wreaths, and More!

We shake, bale, and load all trees from Roehler’s Christmas Tree Farm. At our Connersville location, we will also cut your tree.

Scotch Pine

Sizes – 3ft to 10ft tall. They are a full tree with hard branches and needles to better hold ornaments. They can make an entire home smell like pine!

White Pine

Sizes – 3ft to 12 ft tall. Soft like a kitten’s fur, nice cone shape.

Frasier Fir

We bring these trees in at 5ft to 11ft tall. They have a beautiful smell and are easy to decorate.

Douglas Fir

We also bring in Douglas Fir trees. They have very soft needles and are probably the most fragrant of all the trees we carry.


Freshly made wreaths from our freshly cut greens. they are full and fragrant. sizes range from 10″ to 54″. We also make our own bows in your choice of color

Additional Products

We have grave blankets, saddles for the cemetary, centerpieces, roping, swags, stands, and other unique items made from our own greens. Please come for a visit and see what our talented staff can do! We also take special orders.